World Cricket Champions 2 short review

World Cricket Champions 2 short review

World Cricket Champions 2 short Review

It is the best game I ever played.
Let me tell you a few things that can make this game an even better experience :

Top 6 Points according to me:

  1. close up the batting timing meter from the settings. It just shows the proximity of the shot timing to the time when ball reaches near the batsman. Some shots which it shows to be early or late choose humongous sixes.
  2. Play the practice mode first before starting the sport , it’ll provide you an insight to how the shots are often played.
  3. NEVER hit the short balls towards the front side, they will always land in the hands of the fielder.
  4. they Don’t care what the six distance or ball speeds are shown. They are never true and just random numbers are shown according to the set data code.
  5. Before trying to unlock new stadiums or tournaments, go for unlocking 20 over or 50 over play in quick play. They will assist you unlock other things really fast as they generate tons of cash .
  6. Befor starting play, edit the player profiles to suite your preference and work on increasing skill of one team rather than playing different teams IF you want to take part in online challenges and hot events.
  7. Don’t bowl yorkers, unless it’s a special reverse swinging delivery. Otherwise you will be hammered around the park.
    Thank you

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