September 27, 2021
ind vs pak

IND vs PAK: Junaid Khan told- what special can Pakistani players learn by playing against India

IND vs PAK: Junaid Khan told about IND Vs Pak Match

Whenever the teams of India and Pakistan (IND vs PAK) are face to face on the field, whatever the format, the thrill is on the 7th sky. Players from both teams try their best to win the match and try their best to get out of the pressure situation. Pakistan fast bowler Junaid Khan believes the same. He said that if Pakistani cricketers want to learn to handle the pressure then they should play against India. The left-arm fast bowler recalled the 2012–12 series, recalling his experience against India. Then the Pakistani team came to India to play ODIs and T20 series. He said that matches between India and Pakistan are the most high-pressure matches in international cricket.

Junaid Cricket was talking to Pakistan. He told how he learned how to handle pressure by playing that series against India. The fast bowler said, “If a player wants to learn how to manage pressure, then he should play against India. There is a lot of pressure on both the teams during the India-Pakistan matches here.

He said, ‘I also learned to face pressure well during the series against India in 2012.

The 31-year-old fast bowler said, “If future two countries play against each other then the fans will definitely enjoy it.” However, it depends on the administrators when the two countries play. ‘

Let me tell you that the last time there was a bilateral series between the two countries, it was only in 2012-13. Pakistan had won in the ODI series here, in which Junaid Khan became the joint bowler taking the maximum 8 wickets. While the T20 Series 1 Stani team toured India.

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