ICC Cricket T20 Worldcup 2022 Schedule Venue or Time Table

ICC Men’s cricket T20 Worldcup 2022 schedule, the 8th T20 cricket world cup, has been scheduled between 16 October 2022 and 13 November 2022 in Australia.

ICC Cricket T20 Worldcup 2022 Schedule :

ICC Men’s T20 World CupAustralia16 October – 13 to November 2022

T20 Worldcup 2022 Schedule – Super 12: Group 1 fixtures:

October.22Australia vs New Zealand12:30 pmSCG, Sydney
October.22England vs Afghanistan4:30 pmPerth Stadium
October.23A1 vs B29:30 amBellerive Oval, Hobart
October.25Australia vs A1 4:30 pmPerth Stadium
October.26England vs B29:30 amMCG, Melbourne
October.26New Zealand vs Afghanistan1:30 pmMCG, Melbourne
October.28Afghanistan vs B29:30 amMCG, Melbourne
October.28England vs Australia1:30 pmMCG, Melbourne
October.29New Zealand vs A1 1:30 pmSCG, Sydney
October.31Australia vs B21:30 pmThe Gabba, Brisbane
November.1Afghanistan vs A1 9:30 amThe Gabba, Brisbane
November.1England vs New Zealand1:30 pmThe Gabba, Brisbane
November.4New Zealand vs B29:30 amAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.4Australia vs Afghanistan1:30 pmAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.5England vs A1 1:30 pmSCG, Sydney
ICC Cricket T20 Worldcup 2022 Schedule Team, Venue, Time Table

T20 World Cup 2022 – Super 12: Group 2 fixtures:

October.23India vs Pakistan1:30 pmMCG, Melbourne
October.24Bangladesh vs A29:30 amBellerive Oval, Hobart
October.24South Africa vs B11:30 pmBellerive Oval, Hobart
October.27South Africa vs Bangladesh8:30 amSCG, Sydney
October.27India vs A212:30 pmSCG, Sydney
October.27Pakistan vs B14:30 pmPerth Stadium, Perth
October.30Bangladesh vs B18:30 amThe Gabba, Brisbane
October.30Pakistan vs A212:30 pmPerth Stadium, Perth
October.30India vs South Africa4:30 pmPerth Stadium, Perth
November.2B1 vs A29:30 amAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.2India vs Bangladesh1:30 pmAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.3Pakistan vs South Africa1:30 pmSCG, Sydney
November.6South Africa vs A25:30 pmAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.6Pakistan vs Bangladesh9:30 amAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.6India vs B11:30 pmMCG, Melbourne

T20 World Cup 2022 -Knockout and Final

November.9Semifinal 11:30 pmSCG, Sydney
November.10Semifinal 21:30 pmAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
November.13Final1:30 pmMCG, Melbourne

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