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Twenty-twenty match is one of the most popular tournaments in cricket history About T20 Cricket Only on Cricket World

History of World Cup


Cricket is a game with full of fun and excitement. It is popular all over the world and there are huge fan following behind this game. It has gradually changed its face from time to time but the rules and fun remain as it is or we can say that fun has been increased from one type to another. In previous years there were test matches which were played for many days. After few years a new type was introduced which is known as one day which was match played in one day only and after that the test cricket match gradually lost its fun and people started liking one day matches and now time has come when these cricket matches are played for just 20 over and this has increased the excitement more.

Twenty-twenty match is one of the most popular tournaments in cricket history. You can see huge crowd in the stadiums where twenty-twenty matches are played. The reason behind this is that there is aggression, excitement, fun everything but it is all played with a sportsmanship. Various national teams play for their winning and this unites whole world in one game only.

Cricket game was a national game of United Kingdom and it was just played by royal and rich people only in its initial stage. After few years this game spread all over the world and then started the world cup tournaments event where many countries played and the wining team was awarded by cricket world cup. This game was not only fun for cricketers but also provided great entertainment to its spectator.

Cricket was not as famous as football but it was known for its different style all over the world. It has the ability to attract its fan from all over the world. It was not liked in its early ages because it was very slow and was termed as game of gentleman. But gradually time chanced and it becomes so powerful and fast game that there are dyeing hard fans for this game all over the world. In some of the eastern countries, this game is very much popular and you can see the craze of this game when any tournament or tour takes place. Every age of person whether he is man or woman love to see the game.

T20 Worldcup Full Highlights: Cricket World

Strategy, environment, team work and many more circumstances are responsible to win in this game. You not only have to play good but also have to look over the team work, wind, humidity, condition of the pitch and all. Then only you will be able to win in this game, so it s very important to make a strategy and work on it. Your team work can be an important factor in your winning because this is all about team work and a single person cannot give a victory in his game. Whether you are a player or a spectator, you will enjoy this game for sure is you are there in cricket stadium. It is great fun to watch two countries playing and fighting for the victory.

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